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Best japanese hair salon NYC

At Nagihair, we believe that quality fundamental materials are crucial for enjoying beautiful hair for the long term. Therefore, we have created a service menu specifically designed to help add shine and fullness to your hair and improve scalp health.

We are so committed to improving your hair and scalp health that we offer on our basic menu some combo courses that combine a head spa or treatment with your haircut.

We want to help you achieve healthy hair and keep it healthy.

If you come for regular visits, we can help support your hair health continuously.

To sweeten the pot, we have set up our combo menu so that it’s a better deal than purchasing the same services individually.

nagihair best japanese hair salon NYC



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First-time combo courses buyers get the red pricing  below.


*Services involving chemicals are subject to an additional long hair charge.

*All prices are +$10 if with Nori


Standard Combo

All menu include protein treatment or headspa

Recommended for customers looking for thorough hair and scalp care in addition to hairstyling. Reach for that next level of beauty!

★From our collection of four different treatment types, we will select the best one for your hair and combine it with pre-treatment and home care treatment.


Anti-Aging Combo

All menu include protein treatment and headspa

Special combo recommended for wise men and women!

In order to grow beautiful hair, it is important to take anti-aging steps in addition to regular treatments.

This anti-aging head spa cleans out the pores of your scalp and gets rid of old cuticles and dead skin cell buildup that doesn’t get removed with regular shampooing.

This combo doesn’t just deep clean your scalp—it also removes old dirt, silicon, and remnants of styling products that get stuck to your hair even with regular shampooing. In short, this helps you return to “pure” hair. This leftover buildup is one reason for loss of shine in hair. By getting rid of this buildup, you also clear a path for subsequent treatments to do their job more effectively. Maintaining healthy hair is a fundamental part of enjoying hair design.

With microscopic scalp counseling and a head spa, we help get your hair and scalp looking and feeling younger.

★We will choose one of four different repair treatments and combine it with the anti-aging head spa. All services come with our universal hair care items (home care and travel size shampoo/conditioner).


Quick Checkup Combo

All menu include quick treatment or quick spa

Recommended for first-time customers and/or those in a hurry. This quick spa treatment is a speedy but effective tune-up for your hair.


Hair Luxe Combo

All menu include luxury treatment 

Extra high quality deep conditioning

Recommended for customers concerned about temporary or chronic hair damage, or who feel like their hair has lost some of its shine.

Customers ask us all the time: “There are so many different treatments out there. What is it that makes Nagihair’s Luxury hair repair treatment the best choice?”

Our answer is simple: Shine and touchability—nothing else makes your hair feel this soft!

Hair is primarily made up of protein. Our unique hair improvement method at Nagihair combines that protein with moisture and sends it to the inner-most parts of each hair strand.

The method involves a specialized machine (also good for your skin) that uses far infrared rays to infiltrate the hair. Many salons warm up the treatment and apply it to hair using heat, but at Nagihair we do this using light from the far infrared rays. In cooking terms, this is not unlike the difference between searing a piece of meat at high heat versus slow cooking it at low heat until the flavor and moisture are completely absorbed. Nagihair’s “slow cook” method delivers hair that has moisture, softness, and shine from the very inside out.

To top it off, we use an ultrasonic wave iron (1 million vibrations per second) to send nutrients deep into your hair and seal them there. Instead of adding only artificial moisture that comes from typical treatments found at many salons, this method will make your hair pliable from the core.

We invite you to come try it and experience the difference!

★All services come with our universal hair care items (home care and travel size shampoo/conditioner).


★ We have special Men’s combo Menu HERE


  Cut Menu Price
1 Standard cut combo (1hour 15min) 140 →126 (original value 155)
2 Anti aging cut combo (1hour 45min) 215 →195 (original value 238)
3 Quick check up cut combo (1hour) 115 →105 (original value 120)
4 Hair Luxe cut combo (1hour 30min) 170 →153 (original value 195)


  Single process color Menu Price
5 Standard color combo (2hour 30min) 235 →212 (original value 260)
6 Anti aging color combo (2hour 45min) 310 →280 (original value 343)
7 Quick touch up color combo (2hour) 200 →180 (original value 205)
8 Hair Luxe color combo (2hour 30min) 270 →250 (original value 293)


  Highlight (balayage) Menu Price
9 Standard highlight combo (2hour 30min) 290 →262 (original value 320)
10 Anti aging highlight combo (3hour 45min) 365 →330 (original value 403)
11 Hair Luxe highlight combo (3hour 30min) 325 →305 (original value 353)


  Perm (digital perm) Menu Price
12 Standard perm combo (2hour 30min) 255 →230 (original value 285)
13 Hair luxe perm combo (3hour) 295 →270 (original value 318)
14 Standard digital perm combo (3hour) 345 →315 (original value 375)
15 Hair Luxe digital perm combo (3hour 30min) 380 →350 (original value 408)


  Japanese straightning Menu Price
16 Standard straightening combo (4hour) 475 →445 (original value 505)
17 Hair Luxe straightening combo (4hour 30min) 510 →480 (original value 540)


  Men’s Combo Menu Price
18 Head spa & haircut Combo (1hour 15min) 125 →115 (original value 135)
19 Quick spa & haircut Combo (1hour) 98 →90 (original value 105)
20 Bokashi color & haircut combo (1hour) 110 →100 (original value 120)



Hair service
Haircut 70 – 145
Blow dry 55+
Style, updo 70 – 120 (shampoo&dry not included)
Hair color
Single color 105 +
Highlight, Ombre, Balayage 165 +
(toner not included) 50 – 95
Semi parmanentcolor + 25

* Blow dry not included 40 +

* prices are subject to change depending on length and thickness

Body wave 130 +
Digital Perm 220 +
Spiral 220 +
Japanese Straighte 350 +
Care Luga – 700 + →350 + (For Now)

*2nd time in 6month  425 +    2nd time in 1yeas 525 +

* Haircut not included

* prices are subject to change depending on hair length and thickness

Keratin treatment
Keratin treatment 300

Nagi smoothing treatment – 400 + →320 + (For Now)

*2nd time in 6month  360 +

Conditioning treatment
Protein treatment 75
Luxury treatment  105
Scalp treatment
Head spa 85 (Quick dry – 65 )

* Prices are subject to change without notice * Tax not included * Cash or Venmo gratuities are appreciated.

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Appointment Policies

We will be asking for credit card information to hold your appointment for the following scenarios.

  • New customers.
  • For services over 2.5 hours (highlights, double color, straight perm, etc.).
  • Clients with non-U.S. phone numbers.


Cancellation Policies

  • 50% of full appointment value within 24 Hours of appointment.
  • “NO SHOW” will be charged 100% of service amount.


Late arrivals policies

  • We understand “life happens” if for any reason you are expecting to be late by 10minutes or more to scheduled appointment, please call us!


Refund policies

  • All products and services are non-refoundable.


Service guarantee

  • We stand by allow our service if a client is dissatisfied, we are always willing to redo the service at no charge as long as we are notified within 7 days and an appointment is scheduled within 14days.