What is Nagi Luxury Treatment?


Customers ask us all the time: “There are so many different treatments out there. What is it that makes Nagihair’s Luxury hair repair treatment the best choice?”

Our answer is simple,

Shine and touchability—nothing else makes your hair feel this soft!


Hair is primarily made up of protein. Our unique hair improvement method at Nagihair combines that protein with moisture and sends it to the inner-most parts of each hair strand.


The method involves a specialized machine (also good for your skin) that uses far infrared rays to infiltrate the hair. Many salons warm up the treatment and apply it to hair using heat, but at Nagihair we do this using light from the far infrared rays. In cooking terms, this is not unlike the difference between searing a piece of meat at high heat versus slow cooking it at low heat until the flavor and moisture are completely absorbed. Nagihair’s “slow cook” method delivers hair that has moisture, softness, and shine from the very inside out.


To top it off, we use an ultrasonic wave iron (1 million vibrations per second) to send nutrients deep into your hair and seal them there. Instead of adding only artificial moisture that comes from typical treatments found at many salons, this method will make your hair pliable from the core. We invite you to come try it and experience the difference!


Nagi Luxe Treatment is…


This is a hair treatment that Nagi Hair’s owner perfected, in collaboration with Japanese salons specializing in hair texture and shine, and with input from only female customers and female stylists who have expertise in treating aging hair (over 30) and unmanageable hair.


Full of hyaluronan (or hyaluronic acid) and sacran (sulfated polysaccharide extracted from the algae Aphanothece sacrum or suizenji-nori)


1 gram of hyaluronan (hyaluronic acid) has the moisturizing power of 6 liters of water and is thus known as the king of moisture retention. Sacran or suizenji-nori has 5 times more moisturizing power than hyaluronan. Since sacran only grows in one region of the world, it has a very high scarcity value.


This treatment contains natural aromas and jojoba oils, prevents nutrient leakage from inside hair, and includes a mildly acidic treatment that increases hair strength and resilience. (B1 Cationized Cellulose)


The biggest selling point is that the treatment is applied not using heat but rather with light from far infrared rays, so it saturates hair deeply but gently. We follow up with an ultrasonic iron to seal nutrients in your hair even further.


Light from far infrared rays also has beneficial effects on blood circulation, waste excretion, improved metabolism, and skin.


The special far infrared machine we use for this treatment is only available in several shops in Japan. In the US, Nagi Hair is the only salon using it.



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