What is Nagi Luxury Treatment?


Customers ask us all the time: “There are so many different treatments out there. What is it that makes Nagihair’s Luxury hair repair treatment the best choice?”

Our answer is simple,

Shine and touchability—nothing else makes your hair feel this soft!


Hair is primarily made up of protein. Our unique hair improvement method at Nagihair combines that protein with moisture and sends it to the inner-most parts of each hair strand.


The method involves a specialized machine (also good for your skin) that uses far infrared rays to infiltrate the hair. Many salons warm up the treatment and apply it to hair using heat, but at Nagihair we do this using light from the far infrared rays. In cooking terms, this is not unlike the difference between searing a piece of meat at high heat versus slow cooking it at low heat until the flavor and moisture are completely absorbed. Nagihair’s “slow cook” method delivers hair that has moisture, softness, and shine from the very inside out.


To top it off, we use an ultrasonic wave iron (1 million vibrations per second) to send nutrients deep into your hair and seal them there. Instead of adding only artificial moisture that comes from typical treatments found at many salons, this method will make your hair pliable from the core. We invite you to come try it and experience the difference!


Offered in the U.S. only at Nagi Hair.



For customers concerned that salon treatments don’t work or come out right away:

You use high quality cosmetic products every day on your face, correct?

You apply toner and moisturizer after washing your face every day, yes?

It is the same for hair.  

Without daily hair care, there is only so much that an occasional salon treatment can accomplish.

In addition to coming to the salon for regular maintenance, it’s important to take care of hair with shampoo and treatments that are right for your hair. In the same way that your skin can become irritated or react badly to makeup, hair that is not cared for regularly can become damaged, difficult to style, less receptive to color and perms, and less pleasing to the eye.

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