Bioprogramming by Lumielina


Due to the U.S. expansion of Lumielina whose products are used at Nagi Hair and often requested by customers, we are now able to offer select Lumielina products for purchase as an authorized salon. This includes Lumielina’s smart beauty devices such as Repronizer (hairdryer) that improves hair while drying hair with each use as well as Hairbeauron for curling and straightning hairs (curling irons and straightening irons.)


Until now, Nagi’s owner Kei has transported these products from Japan himself, so it was difficult to offer them for purchase, but now you can buy them here in the salon.


Both of the smart beauty devices (the hairdryers and hair irons) are different from typical tools like hair dryers and hair irons, in that they are equipped with a technology called bioprogramming which gives hair more shine the more you use it.


The image below shows a demonstration.


It may be hard to believe, but they are completely different from normal hair dryers and hair irons.


The most important part of hair care is a good regular care routine, so changing your daily tools to quality ones is most effective.


If you choose to purchase Lumielina smart hair devices (tools) at Nagi Hair, we recommend coming to the salon to try out these devices ( hairdryer, curling iron, or straightening iron) and experience them for yourself before making your purchase.


With your purchase you will also receive a complimentary travel size Milbon silk protein shampoo and treatment pack.


All products are authorized for sale only by authorized sellers and each product comes with a serial number that indicates the place of purchase and a warranty. (This is not always the case if you purchase through Amazon or other online retailers.)