What is Scalp treatment?

Supports the rejuvenation of your hair and scalp.
Combats thinning hair and hair loss, restores your hair and scalp to a healthy state, and gets you closer to your ideal hairstyle.


Recommended for customers who are concerned about:

  • Thinning hair or hair loss.
  • Decreased volume in your hair.
  • Decreased firmness and thickness in your hair.
  • Redness in your scalp or scalp psoriasis.
  • Dandruff, sebum buildup or odor.

Scalp care

Milbon’s latest worldwide research exposed a single root cause for all 5 common scalp conditions: excess fatty acids on the scalp. Normalize the scalp by purifying and replenishing essential moisture and oil.


People with unhealthy scalp conditions often share one thing in common: an excess of fatty acids in their systems.

To maintain a healthy scalp color, proper balance in the scalp’s water and oil content is key.

People with too many fatty acids will start to see this balance break down. Since regular shampoo does not wash away fatty acids, it’s necessary to use a special scalp-specific product to strip away the fatty acids and rebalance the scalp’s water and oil content.

Brittleness in the scalp can be the result of stiff muscles due to poor circulation. This delays the delivery of nutrients to the hair.

At Nagi Hair, we use products specially designed for the scalp that will get rid of fatty acids, cleanse the scalp, and balance the distribution of oil and water in the scalp.

We also use scalp massage to improve circulation. Massage is an effective treatment for a scalp that has become brittle from stiff muscles due to poor blood flow.



1 Consult Session    *5-10min

Using a special sheet, we will ask you about the condition of the scalp and the lifestyle related to the scalp.

2 We examine your scalp with a 1000X microscope.    *5-10min (1&2)

(In cases where we can’t confirm with the human eye, we use a specialized scalp scope for accurate inspection. We also examine the difference between your pre-treatment and post-treatment scalp.)

3 Scalp massage with specialized scalp gel   *10min

Using a specialized oil, we massage your scalp and remove any hardened impurities stuck to the hair and lipids that have accumulated in the pores so deeply that they cannot be washed away with normal shampoo.

4 Scalp Shampoo

We massage your scalp with a specialized shampoo full of ingredients that add essential moisture and nutrients to your scalp and pores.

5 Scalp Conditioner   *15min (4&5)

This is a specialized conditioner full of ingredients that add essential moisture and nutrients to your scalp and pores.

6 Scalp tonic application and massage   *5min

By massaging and relieving tension and stiffness from the frontal, temporal, and occipital muscles in your head, we improve the lymphatic flow and help reinvigorate the inner skin cells on your scalp.

7 Dry your hair  *10min (If you need a full blowout or hot tool, a fee will be added)

Advice about styling products and methods.


*The head spa works best not as a one-time treatment, but rather as a repeated application through which you can experience improved hair and scalp health.

I think that the condition of the scalp varies from person to person, so ask your stylist for the best period



 Scalp treatment promotion.(Only one purchase per person.)


If you are new to scalp treatments, or, if this promotion is new to you.we have a special course menu for your scalp health.


$220 → 3 times scalp treatment and  3 mini scalp shampoos.

※Original price  $294


I believe that scalp treatments, like dieting and esthetics, can be effective if done on an ongoing basis.

Please schedule your next appointment approximately one month in advance.

※The second and third services will be with the first stylist.


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