Scalp herbal detox (Hydrotherapy)



In traditional Eastern medicine, hair is referred to as “ketuyo,” signifying the surplus of blood.


To maintain healthy hair, preserve its natural color, and prevent hair loss and thinning, an abundance of blood is essential. Hair and nails receive blood circulation as a lower priority in the body’s hierarchy, so it’s crucial to regulate blood flow and deliver nutrients to the hair.

Following the principle of “keeping the head cool and the feet warm” to enhance blood circulation, we provide scalp care to assist in regulating blood flow.


what is scalp herbal detox

Scalp herbal detox involves using scalp-specific products and herbs such as traditional Chinese medicine, applying gentle water pressure to stimulate the scalp.

This therapy is designed to gently cleanse the scalp environment, using a shower with a temperature slightly cooler than body temperature, around 95F(35℃) or below.

Individuals with a strong tendency for body chill or those experiencing chronic heat accumulation in the head might find it slightly cool.

We will perform the treatment while warming your abdomen with a hot water bottle.

By cleaning the scalp and balancing the autonomic nervous system with the principle of “head cool, feet warm,” we aim to alleviate various symptoms.

Recommended for those like the following

  • Limp or lifeless hair
  • Concerns about hair volume
  • Gray hair, hair loss, thinning, or breakage
  • Dry and frizzy hair
  • Scalp dryness
  • Dandruff or itching
  • Unpleasant scalp odor
  • Frequent perms or coloring
  • Shoulder, head, or lower back pain
  • Sensitivity to cold or heat, sleep troubles, etc.

Expected Benefits of Scalp herbal detox

→Gently soothes the scalp.

→ Removes scalp impurities, residual chemicals, peroxides, and old keratin.

→ Normalizes the function of arrector pili muscles, improving hair stand-up and increasing volume.

→ Improves blood circulation, transforming sluggish blood into a smoother flow.

→ Promotes blood flow through head cool and foot warmth, delivering nutrients to the hair follicles.

→ May alleviate symptoms of hay fever and allergies in some individuals.

→ Balances the autonomic nervous system, providing stress relief.

→ Induces a deep sense of relaxation by circulating blood flow equivalent to 5-8 hours of high-quality sleep.

※The perception of effectiveness may vary from person to person.


By performing scalp cleansing, we aim to regulate the autonomic nervous system, inducing a relaxed state (parasympathetic dominance) and detoxifying the scalp.


The scalp is proficient at expelling allergens, chemical substances like PM2.5, and waste materials such as heavy metals.

During the detox time, various waste products are eliminated.

Simultaneously, promoting blood circulation through detox helps stimulate the body’s natural healing abilities, leading to its original healthy state.

Scalp herbal detox (Hydrotherapy)

$130+ (includes scalp detox, light shoulder and hand massage, 4step deep conditioning treatment and quick dry)

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1 Consult Session    

Using a special sheet, we will ask you about the condition of the scalp and the lifestyle related to the scalp.

2 We examine your scalp with a  microscope.    *10-15 min (1&2)

(In cases where we can’t confirm with the human eye, we use a specialized scalp scope for accurate inspection. We also examine the difference between your pre-treatment and post-treatment scalp.)

3 Apply moisturizer and scalp gel. 

While providing moisture to the scalp, apply a cleansing gel specifically designed for the scalp. Place a steam towel on the head to lift away impurities.

4 Light shoulder lymph massage, followed by hand massage.  *20min (3&4)

After applying scalp gel, wrap a steam towel around the head to allow it to penetrate. In the meantime, hot stones are used to lightly massage the lymphatic system of the shoulders, followed by a light hand massage.

5 After rinsing, perform a detox scalp cleanse. *15min

Using scalp shampoo and herbal extracts, perform scalp cleansing with water pressure only.

5 Scalp Shampoo  & conditioner

Gently wash with a low-irritation, foamy shampoo, and lightly massage with scalp conditioner.

6 Milbon anti-aging 4step deep conditioning treatment *10min (5&6)

This is a specialized conditioner full of ingredients that add essential moisture and nutrients to your scalp and pores, and apply an anti-aging hair conditioner to the ends of the hair.

7 Scalp check using Microscope and Scalp tonic application and massage   *10min

Massage the scalp with a special moisturizer. To improve lymphatic flow, also lightly massage the shoulders and neck.

8 Quick dry your hair  *5-10min (If you need a full blowout or hot tool, a fee will be added)

After all, it takes 10-15 minutes for a consultation and a scalp check using a microscope, so the whole process takes about 1h and 20 min.



  • Individuals with poor health or a tendency for allergic reactions may experience a healing crisis. (Symptoms may include headaches, malaise, or skin irritation.)
  • Improving blood circulation might induce strong drowsiness. Please refrain from undergoing treatment if you plan to drink alcohol or drive.
  • There is no massage similar to a head spa.